1. STEP 01 Click the icons

  2. STEP 02 Click the number that you can see on the screen.

  3. STEP 02-1 Check how-to shopping in innisfreeworld according to the number.

    Enter your email address and Register! You may also
  4. STEP 03 After checking all the detailsabout how-to,click“Confirm”button.Then,“Complete” mark will be appeared at step icon.

  5. STEP 04 If you complete to check 4 steps of how to do shopping online, click the button of‘Free Gift’


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“EASY HOW TO” EVENT - Shopping simulation [4 Step]

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  1. 01 Enter your email address and Register! You may also register using your SNS account.
  2. 02 Fill out your information and click Join Now!


1 2 3
  1. 01 Choose one from the available options. And Select quantity.
  2. 02 Click the Add to Bag. And Click Checkout to purchase items in your bag.
  3. 03 You may select your shipping destination & currency.


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  1. 01 Confirm the shipping destination and the total shipping weight. Select the method of payment. Proceed to checkout for the next step.
  2. 02 Select credit card to complete payment through Eximbay. Click ‘Pay’ to complete your payment.


1 2 3 3
  1. 01 You may track your delivery under order details.
  2. 02 Your ordered items will be delivered to your home safely.
  3. 03 By clicking the ‘Leave a message’ button on the bottom right corner, you may live chat with one of our representatives.
  4. 04 For 1:1 Q&A, log in and go to Customer Service > Write To Us Now!

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