Meet Korea No.1 Sheet Mask Enjoy daily home care with innisfree! Get relaxed by 1 day 1 sheet mask

Discover K-beauty skincare secret

As Koreans are particularly keen on skincare, home care has been trending
and sheet masks are essential for K-beauty.
Have about 20 minutes for a little “me time”, consider indulging your skin with a sheet mask after cleansing

When to use innisfree sheet masks
Day before special events like dating, interview
To be relaxed with your friends or family
After vacation, outdoor activities
At least more than 2 times per week > Daily use would be the best!

Meet innisfree’s 3 types of sheet masks

1. it’s real squeeze mask 2. Skin clinic mask 3. Second Skin mask
Triple layer sheet

3 layered sheet will make the mask moist and the essence provides nutrition to the skin to higher absorption rate on your face

100% natural cotton sheet

As shown in the picture, the 100% natural cotton wool sheet is so thin and transparent that makes the floor surface look clearer when placed on the black colored floor surface

Fermented soybean sheet

Wrinkles on your knuckles can be seen through the sheet

Freshly squeezed juice of plants obtained through the course of harvesting > extraction > refinement and is contained to provide the skin with the freshness and health benefits of ingredients
100% natural fragrance and mild formula that has been formulated to be free of animal ingredients, mineral oil, colorants and phenoxyethanol + ingredients suited for skin concerns
Essence enriched with skin-vitalizing ingredients
(16) rose / acai berry / rice / green tea / strawberry / lime / bija / tea tree / pomegranate / sheabutter / manuka honey / aloe / bamboo / cucumber / kiwi / blackberry
(7) catechin / vita C / peptide / collagen / BHA / madecassoside / hyaluronic acid
(5) anti-trouble / moisture / nourishing / brightening / lift-up
1.2 USD
2.2 USD
5.0 USD