EASY HOW TO!! Shopping in innisfreeworld

Create ID

  1. 01 Sign in or Register as a new member!
  2. 02 Enter your email address and Register!

    You may also register using your SNS account.

  3. 03 Fill out your information and click Join Now!

Email Confirmation

  1. 01 A confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email.

    TIP! If you did not receive our confirmation email, please check your spam mail box.

  2. 02 You may click the Go to homepage to visit innisfreeworld.

Select Item

  1. 01 Choose one from the available options.
  2. 02 Select quantity.

Buy Now

  1. 01 Add to Bag.
  2. 02 Click Checkout to purchase items in your bag.

My Bag

  1. 01 Check the quantity and price of the items added to your bag.
  2. 02 Enter the promotion code and apply.
  3. 03 You may select your shipping destination & currency.
  4. 04 Click checkout and continue to the next step.

Delivery Address

  1. 01 Enter your shipping address.

Payment Option

  1. 01 You may add a gift/message service.
  2. 02 Confirm the shipping destination and the total shipping weight.
  3. 03 Select the method of payment.
  4. 04 Proceed to checkout for the next step.

Proceed Checkout

  1. 01 Select credit card to complete payment through Eximbay.
  2. 02 Click ‘Pay’ to complete your payment.

Order History

  1. 01 You can check the delivery status in My Account.
  2. 02 To view the delivery status, click the Product Ordered in My Recent Orders.

Tracking Orders

  1. 01 You may track your delivery under order details.
  2. 02 Your ordered items will be delivered to your home safely.

    TIP! Once your Order Status is shown as ‘Shipped’, you may track your order.

1:1 Inquiry

  1. 01 By clicking the ‘Leave a message’ button on the bottom right corner, you may live chat with one of our representatives.
  2. 02 Click the ‘Contact Us’ on the bottom of the page.
  3. 03 For 1:1 Q&A, log in and go to Customer Service > Write To Us Now!

    You may write to us by clicking the innisfree email address.