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Registration & Sign in

Sign up as a member and log in.
a. It's easy to be a member. All you need is your email address.
b. You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google account.
c. Enter your email address and click REGISTER. Then, create a username and password and click JOIN NOW.

Placing an Order

Select an item > Add it to your cart > Fill out the order form > Pay > Confirm order
1) Select your items and product options and add them to your cart.
2) Check your product options, order quantity, and price.
3) If you have a promotion code, enter it in the Enter promotion code field below the cart and click APPLY.
4) If the total order amount qualifies you to receive a gift, please select a promotional gift.
5) Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to fill out the order form.
6) Enter the shipping address. (If you have already registered an address, it will be entered automatically.)
7) You can opt to buy a gift-pouch or gift card.
8) Please select a shipping method. (Some shipping restrictions may apply depending on your country and the shipment weight.)
9) Please select a payment method.
10) If your order is correct, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to complete payment.

Order Status

Order > Paid > Awaiting Shipment > Shipped
① Paid
a. Your payment has been processed.
b. Your order information has not yet been transmitted to the logistics center, so it is still possible to cancel your order by clicking the CANCEL button on your order list.
② Awaiting Shipment
a. Your order information has been sent to the logistics center and is awaiting shipment.
b. During this step, you cannot cancel your order on the site. Please contact customer service if you have any questions.
③ Shipped
a. Your parcel is being sent from the logistics center to the courier company. Your package is currently being delivered.
b. Follow the instruction below to track your package:
Go to innisfree World > My Account > Order and click the Tracking Information tab and you will be directed to the courier company's tracking page.
*Please note: Some courier companies do not provide tracking services.

Cancel or Return

① Order Canceled
a. Your purchase order was canceled at your request.
b. innisfreeworld complies with credit card company policy and the estimated refund time will vary depending on the company.
② Return in Progress
Your return request has been confirmed after delivery for particular reasons.
③ Order Returned
We have successfully confirmed your return after reviewing the product.
Your payment will be canceled by the credit card company after confirming your returned products.
Your refund will be processed, excluding the return delivery charge, unless goods are damaged. The refund time will vary depending on your credit card company.