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It's real squeeze mask - green tea

  • It's real squeeze mask - green tea
  • It's real squeeze mask - green tea
  • It's real squeeze mask - green tea

It's real squeeze mask - Green tea 1sheet/20ml

Fresh green tea extracts in the mask provide a deep hydration treatment for the skin


  • Product Code : 10400
  • Package Quantity : 1sheet/20ml
  • Shipping Weight : 0.03kg( 000 lbs)
  • Moisturizing

  • Green tea

  • 100% green tea

  • Floral green (fragrance)


Average Rating (112)
What it is

1. Soothing and moisturizing effects of green tea extracts
2. Jeju green complex consists of green tea, tangerine, white lotus, camelia, and orchid
3. Three-layered sheet for longer moisturizing and great adherence

How to use

1. After washing your face, gently apply toner on your face to even out your skin texture.
2. Then, apply the mask over your entire face, avoiding your eye and lip areas.
3. Remove the mask after 10-20 minutes and gently pat your face to allow the remaining formula to absorb into your skin.

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Hydrate and recharge your skin with Jeju green tea!

Our green tea products' vitality and deep hydration are supplied by green tea extracts from the fields of Jeju island, renowned for its cleanliness and abundant plant life. Using these products will leave skin feeling smooth, supple, and deeply hydrated. SEE FULL INGREDIENTS

Date manufactured / Shelf life after initial opening

use within 24 months

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If you find any defects in your item, we will resolve the matter in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.


1. Avoid using the product around your eyes.
2. Do not apply on wounds or any skin experiencing irritation, such as dermatitis and eczema.
3. If you exhibit the following symptoms after using the product, immediately stop using the product. If symptoms worsen, consult a dermatologist.
1) Red blotches, swelling, itchiness, or irritation
2) If the above symptoms appear when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight after using the product, immediately stop using the product.
4. Handling and storing the product
1) Close the product's container after using it.
2) Keep the product out of the reach of children. If the product is ingested, consult a doctor.
3) Avoid extremely high and low temperatures and direct sunlight.
5. Close the product's container after using it.
6. Use the product immediately after opening, so that it does not dry out. Do not use the product more than once.

    • Vigg* T
    • SEP 25, 2017
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 35~44

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    Very very coooooool mask~!

    The mask is fantastic, smells very green tea, and really really really cool... I've used it during winter, i feels like frozen when i put it onto my face, i think it's more suitable for summer! result will see immediately, but I'm not sure whether is because of this mask, after i using it, i have one big acne one next to my eye area, and one on my chin....maybe too much nutrition ! not 100% sure. but i love the result on my face, really really smooth, like a baby skin! next time I'll avoid using on eye and and chin area! I'm sensitive skin by the way.

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Anti-Aging,Pore care,Sensitive care,Smoothing,Comforting,Wonderful-smelling,Cooling,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply)
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    • Paul*** P
    • SEP 25, 2017
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 25~34

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    A firm favourite!

    I always stock up on this one, it's my favourite. Very easy to apply and does my skin so much good. Whether a want a pampering evening or need something to soothe my skin after a long tiring day, this one does the job brilliantly.

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Brightening,Refreshing,Gentle,Wonderful-smelling,Cooling,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply)
    • Was this review helpful? Yes (1) / No (0)
    • Tonj* M
    • SEP 08, 2017
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 19~24

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    Love Love Love Innisfree mask sheets !

    It's Real Squeeze Masks from Innisfree are amazing and are good for almost any type of skin. I use them regularly after clay masks and facial scrubs for their great hydration. I particularly love to use Green Tea masks sheets at the end of the day after taking off make up. It calms my skin and moisturises skin nicely.

    Highly recommended. Perfect if you're just starting out with the sheet masks.

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Calming
    • Was this review helpful? Yes (0) / No (2)
    • Nico** P
    • AUG 02, 2017
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 19~24

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    Best sheet mask for combination skin

    This mask worked so well for my combination skin. It didn't over hydrate my oily parts but stil moisturised my dry parts. Would recommend to anyone who doesn't want an excessively hydrating mask

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Trouble care,Firming & lifting, hydrating,Controls oil,Non-drying,Cooling,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply)
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    • Nadi* M
    • JUL 26, 2017
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 19~24

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    What a wonderful mask!

    Sitting with the mask on my face and I already love the way my skin feels. I'm in China and have been looking for a good alternative to Western skin products. I'm also happy to hear that they use animal free products! After finding innisfree I'm definitely converted to this Asian brand! The lip mask is also superb but I don't see a lip mask sold on here on the western site. If you happen to find it, give it a shot. Plumps up your lips and smooths it out! As for the mask = pure heaven

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Softening,Balancing,Clarifying,Refreshing,Smoothing,Gentle,Comforting,Soft,Wonderful-smelling,Calming,Cooling,Gentle formula,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply)
    • Was this review helpful? Yes (1) / No (1)
    • Me* N
    • JUL 05, 2017
    • Skin Type : Normal
    • Age : 19~24

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    Innisfree is the best produce

    I really love using innisfree mask because it really good

    • Benefits Pore care,Firming & lifting, hydrating,Brightening
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    • Athe** M
    • MAY 09, 2017
    • Skin Type : Dry
    • Age : 13~18

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    Super Moisturising

    I've been really impressed with these masks - especially these green tea ones. They have been super hydrating and if you keep them in the fridge for a bit they are super cooling and feels amazing on the skin! It's relaxing to keep these on and also they brightened up my complexion.

    One tip I'd give is to not waste any of the leftover "liquid" left inside the pack and also when I've finished I use the mask and just rub everything all over my arms and everywhere else just to not waste any of the goodness, because there's so much of it to go around :)

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Whitening care,Brightening,Softening,Refreshing,Non-drying,Gentle,Soft,Wonderful-smelling,Cooling,Thick,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply)
    • Was this review helpful? Yes (2) / No (0)
    • Dian* H
    • APR 27, 2017
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 25~34

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    Besides moisturizing, I've found it also brightens my complexion and removes redness on my face, and even my dark circles are lighter just the very next day!!!

    I'm extremely happy with this face mask. I learned about Innisfree from watching YouTube videos after searching for tips on how to do korean-style natural makeup (thanks Pony!).

    While purchasing some make up products, I happened to realize Innisfree has a lot more skincare products than makeup! So that intrigued me to purchase the Green Tea Seed Serum and the Super Volcanic Pore Mask set. When I received it and not realizing it came with 3 Green Tea It's Real Squeeze Masks, so I tried it out.

    I have pretty clear skin, combination skin with oily T-zone dry and U-zone. Growing up, I haven't been able to find a way to control my oily T-zone (which is why I'm purchasing some products here to see if I can find a good skincare regimen to combat my oily T-zone), although I realized a few years ago that combating my dry U-zone was as simple as having a skincare regimen prior to putting on makeup. My trouble areas is the center of my face has a lot of redness (cheeks, semi-dark circles under my eyes, and around my nose), and my complexion is slightly on the darker side (I use AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Pacthe in 106-Medium Pink, and I found that Innisfree's Water Fit cushion in N23-True Beige is still too light for me).

    Well, to my surprise, after wearing the mask in the afternoon, then cleansing my face at night, the very next day I noticed that my skin was brighter and the red was significantly less, as if I had already got some makeup coverage, and even my dark circles have lightened up a bit (in addition to it being super soft)!! I am so amazed that I'm seeing results as quickly as the next day, and I've been using brand named products here in the U.S. for years now without ever noticing results like this even when paying hundreds of dollars on serums and moisturizers from Shiseido, Clinique, Drunk Elephant, MD Perricone, etc. I've also tried face sheet masks in the past, but I didn't notice much more of a difference besides moisturizing, so this is a real awesome find!

    The only down side to this mask is it's a little sticky at first, but once it dries, the stickiness is nearly all gone. While I have sensitive skin (in the past, certain eye serums, cleansers, and moisturizers that are marked for "gentle and sensitive skin" will still break me out and cause redness), this product is gentle on me.

    I make sure that I don't waste any of it--I squeeze out any remainder essence from the bag, and I take my used mask and wipe all over my arms, chest and legs.

    I am excited to try other products, but will gladly continue to buy this one as well.

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Sensitive care,Brightening,Softening,Refreshing,Smoothing,Non-drying,Gentle,Wonderful-smelling,Calming,Cooling,Gentle formula,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply)
    • Was this review helpful? Yes (3) / No (0)
    • Rais* K
    • APR 11, 2017
    • ISRAEL
    • Skin Type : Dry
    • Age : 65~older

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    хорошо питает кожу

    маска очень хорошо питает кожу , смягчает и разглаживает морщинки , хорошо впитывается

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Anti-Aging,Wrinkle care,Sensitive care,Firming & lifting, hydrating,Softening,Refreshing,Smoothing,Comforting,Milky,Cooling,Absorbs quickly,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply)
    • Was this review helpful? Yes (0) / No (3)
    • Luci* Z
    • APR 06, 2017
    • MEXICO
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 25~34

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    La amo

    Por mucho se convirtió en mi favorita, no me deja sensación pegajosa y mi piel se ve hermosa después de usarla. Mi piel es mixta y realmente me ha dado excelentes resultados.

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Sensitive care,Brightening,Balancing,Smoothing,Gentle,Comforting,Gentle formula,Absorbs quickly,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply)
    • Was this review helpful? Yes (0) / No (0)
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