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Sea salt perfect cleanser

  • Sea salt perfect cleanser
  • Sea salt perfect cleanser
  • Sea salt perfect cleanser
  • Sea salt perfect cleanser

Sea salt perfect cleanser 130ml

A cleansing foam made with enriched sea salt to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove dirt from skin


  • Product Code : 10617
  • Package Quantity : 130ml
  • Shipping Weight : 0.19kg( 000 lbs)
  • Moisturizing


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Average Rating (31)
What it is

Sea salt perfect cleanser
A cleansing foam made with enriched sea salt for removing dead skin cells and dirt from skin for smooth and moisturized skin

1. Removes dead skin cells like a scrub product
2. With the help of sea salt, this product effectively removes dirt and dead skin cells.
3. The rich mineral content of Jeju salt makes the skin softer and smoother.

What else you need to know

Jeju mineral salt

Jeju pure salt is naturally filtered by unique geologic layers of Jeju formed through volcanic activity, resulting in a high mineral content.

How to use

Squeeze a small amount on wet hands, lather well, and massage around your face. Massage the foam into your face and rinse it off with lukewarm water.


Jeju mineral salt

Jeju-native pure salt is naturally filtered by unique geologic layers of Jeju formed through colonic activity that give it a high mineral content. SEE FULL INGREDIENTS

Date manufactured / Shelf life after initial opening

use within 30 months

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If you find any defects in your item, we will resolve the matter in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.


The high content of sea salt extract (40%) may irritate skin when using the product, but this is only temporary. It is okay to continue using the product.

1. Avoid getting the product in your eyes.
2. Close your eyes when rinsing the product off your face.
3. If any particles get in your eyes, do not rub your eyes. Consult a doctor. Rinse thoroughly with water. If particles still remain in your eyes after rinsing, consult a doctor.
4. If you exhibit the following symptoms after using the product, immediately stop using the product. If you continue to use the product, your symptoms may worsen. If symptoms worsen, consult a dermatologist.
1) Red blotches, swelling, itchiness, or irritation
2) If the above symptoms appear when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight after using the product, immediately stop using the product.
5. Do not apply on wounds or any skin experiencing irritation, such as dermatitis and eczema.
6. Handling and storing the product
1) Close the product's container after using it.
2) Keep the product out of the reach of children.
3) Avoid extremely high and low temperatures and direct sunlight.

    • Luc* C
    • AUG 08, 2018
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 19~24

    No. I don't want to buy this product again.

    Good scrub, but it's a little abrasive

    In general a very good cleanser, but not designed for sensitive skin. Recommended for summer and oily skin though, because it cleans extremely well and doesn't leave the face feeling dry/tight. It helps to reduce the appearance of some acne too, but definitely not a replacement for spot treatment.

    • Benefits Pore care,Trouble care,Exfoliating,Controls oil,Refreshing
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    • The* P
    • MAY 09, 2018
    • Skin Type : Oily
    • Age : 25~34

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    Wow, the result is amazing.

    I didn't hope this product would kill acnes. but it did. Salt is one of the best natural product to cure acnes. you might feel painful at first. but suprisingly, it reduced redness and sebum over my face. I highly recommend this product. One of the best product.

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Exfoliating,Softening,Balancing,Acne treating
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    • Mae *** L
    • APR 15, 2018

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    Salt cleanser

    This is my first time to use this product and I really recommend it. It has salt crystals in it and I think it helps in clearing up any buildup of sebum on the face. I like how clean and fresh my face is after washing with this cleanser.

    • Benefits Trouble care,Exfoliating,Gentle,Wonderful-smelling
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    • Josi* M
    • FEB 12, 2018
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 13~18

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    Best cleanser, use sparingly for sensitive skin!

    I bought two when the product first released and I'm getting to the end of my second tube. The cleanser is pretty good at getting rid of dead skin and exfoliation, but it can leave my skin a little dry. For a while I also had pimples and was afraid of using it during that time, however, the scrub was surprising effective in the way I used it. I bought this hoping that it wouldn't be too harsh on my skin since it can be pretty sensitive to some products but not others.
    If you have skin that is pretty sensitive/acne prone, I recommend only using a small amount with some water, gently massaging your skin with it, and only using it a few times a week (this is how I use it, I use the volcanic pore cleansing foam on other days).

    Skin Type: Oily, relatively sensitive, dry in winter, acne prone.

    • Benefits Exfoliating,Softening,Smoothing,Intensive,Drying
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    • Vane*** R
    • DEC 03, 2017
    • CANADA
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 25~34

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    best foam wash

    I recently went to Korea, and stopped by Innisfree and they had a sale so I gave this scrub a try and WOW! my skin has become a lot more clear after one use, and my skin does not feel over dry, but I always use a moisturizer afterwords. I will be recommending this scrub to all my friends/family.
    *if you have senstive skin i'm not sure if this is for you because the salt does sting a bit.

    • Benefits Pore care,Trouble care,Whitening care,Brightening,Softening,Clarifying,Pore minimizing
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    • Rebe*** H
    • JUN 05, 2017
    • Skin Type : Oily
    • Age : 25~34

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    You can really feel the salt working!

    I bought this product thinking it would be more like a scrub. Its not, and is definitely a cleanser with large salt particles in it - however these don't really function as abrasives and simply dissolve with the heat of your shower.
    I was really surprised at just how salty it is - salt is the number 1 ingredient! When you first put it on, it can sting a little, but it simply reminded me of when you dive into the ocean after a big storm and all the sea minerals have been stirred up. You feel them getting into your pores. Personally I really like that feeling, and feel like it is really using a natural ingredient that has been proven to be good for the skin and things like wound healing etc.
    It is not drying, but not moisturising either - just a nice neutral cleanser. Would recommend.

    • Benefits Non-drying,Creamy
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    • Eri* T
    • MAY 03, 2017
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 35~44

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    Nice Cleanser

    Works very well, smells nice. The exfoliation is very gentle and not harsh to my skin.

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Exfoliating,Softening,Balancing,Refreshing,Creamy,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply)
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    • Kath***** R
    • APR 12, 2017
    • Skin Type : Dry
    • Age : 25~34

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.


    I loooooove this cleanser! I wanted to try a new exfoliator, and I gave this one a try, so glad I did! It is my go-to for the 2nd part of my nighttime skin care routine. I have semi-sensitive/dry skin, and I am perfectly happy using this everyday despite the recommended frequency. If you are on the fence about a new exfoliator, I highly recommend this sea salt cleanser.

    • Benefits Exfoliating,Brightening,Refining,Wonderful-smelling
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    • Ange**** C
    • DEC 08, 2016
    • Skin Type : Dry
    • Age : 19~24

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    I love this!

    This exfoliating cleanser is so good! It's gentle enough for daily use yet clean away some of the dirty stuff that get left on the skin after a long day. But it's not much of a deep cleanser - if you're looking for something to treat dirty and/or enlarged pores then this isn't going to stop your search. If you find the salt too harsh you can use more water to melt some of them away. Or simply remove that extra large salt particle. It had never left my skin dry.

    More about my skin type: Dry, so it secretes excess oil. A little sensitive.

    • Benefits Exfoliating,Smoothing,Non-drying
    • Was this review helpful? Yes (2) / No (0)
    • Stép***** D
    • DEC 03, 2016
    • Skin Type : Combination
    • Age : 25~34

    Yes. I want to buy this product again.

    Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser

    My skin : problematic !! I have combination, sensitive and acne-prone skin (and when I say "acne", it is not about 2 3 pimples out once a month, no no no, it is severe acne with big red spots which sometimes hurt a lot). Where I don't have acne, I have red skin (scars of previous acne breakouts and rosacea) <= See, my skin is horrible :)

    I'm always scared of trying new skincare products but since this cleanser seemed interesting to me, I decided to give it a try. I halso have psoriasis on my elbows and since sea salt is known to be good for it, if my face doesn't like this cleanser, my elbows will for sure. I can also use it as a body scrub or whatrever. So, this would never be lost :)

    The sea salt perfect cleanser (later as SSPC) is quite thick, so just a small amount is enough. It is thick but has a shiny and creamy aspect. When you rub it into your hands, it becomes a very light and soft foam. I let it foam a lot to make the cleanser as gentle as possible for my poor face. I gently massaged my face and washed it off with lukewarm water and OH SURPRISE. (But for real). The salt (40%!!) didn't seem to dry my skin. I use Avène cleanser and I must say it leaves my skin feeling clean but "dry". It is actually quite aggressive. But on the contrary with the SSPC, my face felt : healthily clean, fresh, soft (!) and even moistured (!!!) Which was totally unexpected for me because of the huge quantity of sea salt.

    As my skin is what it is, I intend to use the SSPC once a week, and after going clubbing or to some party. My skin would be terribly dirty then so I want to have it perfectly clean before going to bed.

    I have been using it on my elbows for 2 days, i apply foam on my elbows and let it a couple of minutes then wash it off. I have no real results so far but it has only been two days so I can't expect anything.

    But already for my face, the SSPC is really good since I had no breakout after using it (and trust me, I am really and quickly reactive to this kind of stuff) so I will go one and who knows, maybe it will help me get rid of acne ;)

    • Benefits Moisturizing,Exfoliating,Refreshing,Non-drying,Gentle,Cooling
    • Was this review helpful? Yes (11) / No (0)
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