Changing country will reset your bag!

Samples, promotion codes or any other special offers may be unavailable in certain countries. Therefore, changing your shipping destination may result in discarding all the previously selected options in your bag.



Changing your shipping destination may result in discarding all the previously selected options in your BAG. Are you sure you want to change country?



The coupon included in the JEJU Orchid Aging Care set has expired and can't be used. Please proceed with purchase if you agree to this situation.


In which currency will I be charged?

Given the different currencies, you can expect there to be a few discrepancies as the exchange rates fluctuate; prices may differ from the ones online because it is the card companies that determine the exact exchange rate, thus the price, at the time of purchase



Changing your shipping destination may result in discarding all the previously selected options in your bag.

To learn more about international shipping, please visit our International Orders page.

  • - You cannot change the order information after the completion of payment. If you want to change order information, reorder after cancelling your order. You can cancel on My Account before shipment, but after the order status becomes “Awaiting Shipment”, you cannot cancel. Check your order once again before CHECKOUT.
  • - If there is any detailed guidance on order/delivery, we will send to the e-mail you registered. Please be sure to check your e-mail address after ordering.
  • - If the receiving address has the words similar to P.O. Box, delivery may be rejected, and returned to the sender. Be sure that you input the exact address including street number/ street name/ building name/ register number.
  • - K-Packet: It is an affordable delivery means to lower the burden of delivery costs. However, it may be difficult to check tracking information after leaving Korea, and the delivery may be delayed because it may be classified as ordinary mail depending on country. If you don't accept delivery within the period we specify, please contact the customer service center. We will trace its whereabouts but be advised that the process may last up to two months. In addition, the absence of the addressee can lead to the loss of the parcel because it can be delivered to other people.
  • - DHL: Delivery without signature of the addressee could lead to the loss of the parcel. You need to sign for the delivery. Please keep this in mind before choosing DHL.
  • - Pantos: After arrival at the destination country, the types of carriers are different depending on country. As for the U.S., Australia and Britain, delivery may be delayed because it is delivered through standard mail service.
  • - As for overseas delivery, return is not allowed. If products are omitted or destroyed, the inquiry should be completed within seven days after the completion of delivery. Please contact the customer service center as quickly as possible because it is difficult to process after a lapse of seven days.
  • - If products are returned because of the simple refusal of receipt / the absence of the addressee / the wrong address / the disapproved customs clearance / the refusal of tax payment, return and refund are handled after products are sent back to innisfree. Then we will refund the amount you paid except the initial delivery charge and return delivery charge.
Customs Clearance
  • - The delivery period that we specify on the website is the total period except for the customs clearance procedure, and the full payment is the amount, except tax, that you might have to pay during customs clearance.
  • - There could be a tax clearance procedure for which you may have to pay. Addressee have responsibility for handling those possible Customs duties/taxes in order to receive package. Therefore, please check the corresponding country's customs policy before ordering. In addition, because the customhouse can open the parcel for examination, the box sent to you can be damaged or have an enclosed notice from the customhouse.
  • * For other details about the shopping mall, refer to the Shopping Guide and FAQ, or contact the customer service center. We will answer all your questions with sincerity.

How are my credit card details saved?

Your credit cards will be safely saved to the payment gateway company so innisfree can only show them on your checkout page. You can select one of them for fast and simple checkout or can also delete them.

Types of Promotion Codes
Merchandise Discount Code
This type of code applies a discount to a specific item of merchandise by percentage or flat amount.
Category Discount Code
This type of code applies a discount to only certain items in a specific category by percentage or flat amount.
(e.g., Discount on a product in toners in skincare category)
Cart Discount Code
This type of code applies discount to the total amount in your bag by a certain percentage or flat rate
Shipping Discount Code
This type of code applies a discount to the shipping cost or even provides free shipping. (Please note free shipping code applies only to International Shipping method.)
Free Sample Code
This type of code adds a free sample to your bag(good with any other free samples according to order total)
  1. 1.

    Before submitting a promotion code, please check the valid channel of use, expiration date, minimum or maximum order amount to qualify.

  2. 2.

    A promotion code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion codes in the same transaction

  3. 3.

    Promotion codes cannot be applied to items that are exempt from discount according to managerial discretion

  4. 4.

    Promotion codes do not apply to items that have already been discounted (e.g. sale items)

  5. 5.

    Shipping discount codes and free sample codes cannot apply during the big sale period.


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